About Me

A full stack developer, here are some of the stuff that I have experience and interest in()

  • Python / Flask / Django I have been working with Python since 2013, using Flask & Django - from traditional MVC style websites to API backends powering services and apps.
  • Javascript / Typescript / React / React Native / Svelte Started with jQuery back in the day, then after trying Angular.js, Ember.js and others, I decided to stick with React+Redux -- I have over four years of experience with it. I love using React Native, especially alongside a React.js webapp to leverage all the goodness of shared core. Always up for trying something new, but the amount of churn in JS ecosystem & vast number of libraries going in and out of fashion each season sometimes goes against my focus on building long-lasting & performant apps with less maintenance overhead. Svelte.js seems like an interesting framework, being compiled down to vanilla JS without any overhead of virtual DOM diffing.
  • Postgres / Cassandra / Redis / RabbitMQ My default tools of trade for database, caching & message queue. I also have experience w/ CockroachDB, MongoDB, MariaDB, Memcached. Learning more about Kafka & ElasticSearch and always on the lookout to try new things.
  • Microservices / Serverless / REST / GraphQL I enjoy working with micro-services architecture now to deliver performant & scalable services -- with preference for serverless deployments & small services -- communicating with each other using REST APIs & message queues.
  • Docker / Ansible / AWS Docker is my go-to tool for setting up development environment (and for production). I love using Ansible for the cases where bare metal deployment is preferred over containerization. I prefer using AWS (shoutout to S3, EC2, RDS, Lambda, API Gateway, Cloudfront, Route 53) for deployments when I can -- I'm also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. But all I really need are Debian based servers from any provider to get things up and running.
  • Certificate Authority / X.509 / TLS Certificates Having worked with a Certificate Authority, designing & developing their PKI platform (Python/Flask/CockroachDB/Artemis), I have developed keen interest in the domain.
  • WebRTC / Realtime P2P communication I have leveraged WebRTC to power P2P video & audio calls between React.js based webapp & React-Native based Android & iOS builds.
  • Product Development After working with startups pretty much my whole career where I had to wear all the hats, I believe that I have developed a sense for product development and business side of things in general. This translates into better engineering decisions with the end product & user in mind.
  • Affiliate Marketing / SEO Before going full-time as a developer, I used to work as affiliate marketer for multiple networks. I have gained SEO knowledge as a part of the process of building websites, getting them ranked on search engines & monetising the traffic with ad & affiliate networks. I still operate couple of websites getting over thousands of users a day. While not strictly related to web development, these skills do prove helpful in making better decisions with the tech implementation.

...what a bunch of buzzwords, I know right?!  maybe the details will provide some context

Please reach out if I can be of any help. Or just say hi – vivek@vivekagr.com